Strategic Partners

1. Government of Kerala


CGSC is providing the following support to Government of Kerala (ASAP-Additional Skills Acquisition Programme):


  • To assist in carrying out a state specific skills gap study in the Capital Goods Sector, in order to initiate remedial action by identifying scope of vocational training requirements and its alignment with NSQF.

  • To assist the training providers in aligning the curriculum with the identified Capital Goods Sector qualification packs and national occupational standards.

  • To identify training service providers with expertise in Capital Goods Sector and invite them for conducting training and introduce them to Government of Kerala for affiliation.

  • If required, prepare Occupational standards for identified job roles in additional to the occupational standards already developed. 

  • To facilitate training of trainers and help in provisioning of Master Trainers from the industry, on as required basis.

  • To ensure quality of training delivery by adopting a stringent accreditation process for training service providers, assessments and certification of trainees.

  • To conduct assessment and issue certification.

  • To facilitate setting up of Centre of Excellence in Capital Goods Sector.