National Occupational Standards

National Occupational Standards (NOS) specify the standard of performance an individual must achieve when carrying out a function in the workplace, together with the knowledge and understanding they need to meet that standard consistently. Essentially NOS are benchmarks of good practice. NOS describe functions, standards of performance and knowledge and understanding.


CGSC is responsible to carry out a detailed occupational mapping of the sector and develop National Occupational Standard for various job roles in Capital Goods Sector and also determining future training needs, curriculum and standards in consultation with the key stakeholders of the Capital Goods Sector.


NOS are primarily used to build qualifications and training programmes; however, employers can also use these for any other aspect of human resource management & development like, recruitment, assessments, performance benchmarking, awards and

recognition and manpower planning.



NOS also help individuals to measure their own performance, develop new skills and upgrade existing skills; plan their career progression laterally and vertically by measuring their own competency.

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